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Happy New Year!!!!

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So, yet another year comes to an end.

I just really wanted to take this time to wish you all a wonderful 2010.

Reflect on the lessons learned, the losses and gains and the time you’ve had in 2009 and take with you into 2010, the knowledge and appreciation that not only are you lucky enough to see another year, but you’ve also got yet another chance for a fresh start.

Every new year is yet another opportunity to do more, be more, see more, and say more (or less 🙂 ).

Make it a great one!

Stay safe as you ring in 2010!

Miss P

P.S. See you on the other side! xXx

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I am not responsible for your happiness.
This you know is true.
I will try to love you the best I can,
But I can’t make any promises.

If I can’t make it, I’ll try and call beforehand.
But this may not be certain.
And if I do call, please do not expect me to stay on the phone longer than a few minutes;
I am very busy!

I will, on occasion, tell you how much I really like or even love you,
But don’t expect this regularly, as I only do this so you won’t leave me.
You see, I don’t like it when you go distant on me.
I realise then that you must be catching on,
So I do all I can to get you back loving me.

I probably will forget your birthday,
Or anything that means a great deal to you.
But I will expect you to remember mine,
And anything that means a great deal to me.

I don’t like you having other “friends”,
And especially don’t like the idea of you seeing other people. No!
But, I would like for you to be ok with me having other friends,
They’re just friends! Let’s move past this!

I want you to know when I am sick, or down or when I’ve had a bad day.
I need you to be there for me – always.
But please don’t be mad or upset when I can’t care less how your day went,
And, oh, is that a cold I hear coming on?


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My Smile

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It slowly faded with time.
The hurt was too much to withstand.

Like a puppy waiting on its master;
I’d get excited at the prospect of even seeing you.

The ups were floored by the downs.
A glimpse, any sign of like was enough.

Like a baby waiting on a bottle;
I’d anticipate your arrival, your phone call; Just your text.
What a joke.

You weren’t right.
You weren’t whole.
So you ended up taking…
Wait, no.
Let’s be honest;
I let you take pieces of me to make you whole.

You made the whole me cry.
You made the whole me sad.
You made the whole me give and give some more,
Until there was no whole me left.

The lies, truth be told, were expected.
Why would I be surprised?

I never truly understood why.
Sadly, I don’t care.

No, the real sweet sadness in this story of you,
Is that I never smiled until I let you go.


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The Silly Games You Play

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Just tell me you love me,
When I know you do.
Stop hurting yourself,
You’re lying to you.

Just tell me you want me,
Want me to yourself.
A few simple words,
Mean a mountain of wealth.

Just tell me you have to have me,
When I know you want me too.
I see it in your eyes when I smile,
I see what it does to you.

Just stop playing these games you play,
I know you’re acting out.
The real you is what I want from you,
Isn’t that what love’s about?

Just stop wasting such valuable time,
Doing all this running around.
I’m standing here watching you,
So please, sort yourself out.

Because there will come a time when I just don’t care,
I will turn away.
I’m getting bored, slowly bored,
And don’t see why I have to wait.

The passion will dry,
Because you didn’t tend.
And now because I’ve walked away,
I want you only as my friend.


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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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This being Raw Substance’s first Christmas, I have to say, is pretty sweet!

So I just want to take this time to say a huge thank you to you all.

Thank you for reading. 
Letting me in.
And allowing me to set up home.

I’ll be back posting after Christmas as I have a lot more to say 🙂

So you’ll hear from me soon.

Once again, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010.
Here’s hoping for a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Lots of love, hugs and Kisses.

Miss P.xXx

P.S. You’re probably wondering why there’s a picture of the Christian Louboutin JS Shoe Boot. Well, this is on my Christmas Wish list (wink wink). So please feel free to send all gifts (namely this one) C/O Miss P.  🙂

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The Reluctant Night Out

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Why is it so cold?

My heels hurt, my legs are cold.  Would rather be at home.

My dress is kind of tight.
No room for eating.  I can’t even think about breathing in this dress.

But I’m here with my girls.  In the back of the taxi.  We’re joking, laughing, crying.  We’re talking, loudly.  I think the driver is getting fed up with us.

We’re outside the club.  It’s freezing.  The line is so long.  The girls are so young.  The guys are so cute.
But where are all the Men!?!

Inside the club, the music is loud.  Good, but loud; so loud.

My toes hurt.  Why I wore these shoes, I don’t know.  My dress keeps on riding up too.  Gorgeous, but highly impractical.

Right, we’re here so I’m going to enjoy myself tonight if it kills me.

I start to dance and really feel my body come to life.
I’m having fun.  I know I am.  You can tell I am.

The dress.  The cold.  The heels.  The preparation.  Oh, the preparation.  I guess it was worth it.

The guy I spotted on entering the club is walking over to me.  He smiles.  I smile.
He starts to dance. 
I stop when I realise he can’t.
I politely smile and mumble something about having a boyfriend.  Thank him for his attention, turn on my heels and swiftly walk away.
My friends are laughing.  So hard.

I’m having fun.  So much fun.  The music is still loud, but lovely and loud.

I say bye to my girls as I get into the taxi.

I sit back and sigh.

My heels still hurt, my legs are still cold and now I’m really tired.


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The Homecoming

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The walk up the last flight of stairs seemed to take forever.

It was either her willingness to get that reaction she so wanted; needed. Or her curiosity to see how he was or the need to satisfy the aching feeling in the pit of her stomach that she missed him. She missed him. Of course she did.  He was waiting for her. She was nervous.

The way she left. The things she had said to Adrian as she walked out the door that day.
I feel suffocated. I feel trapped. I can’t move. I’ll die if I stay here.
The words were just as fresh now.

Would he love her? Did he miss her? What had Adrian been saying about her?

She looked around as she neared the stop of the stairs. Everything looked the same. The lady at no.23 still had her Christmas decorations up from last year. Though, she thought, it has been a whole year so it’s quite possible that she’s just put these up again. Recently.

Her mind wandered back to this time last year. How could she have left him at Christmas? It was the pressure of it all. The cooking, the cleaning, the running around trying to make everybody happy. Everybody but herself.

As she reached the top of the stairs, she noticed the bike outside. It was the bike she had bought him last Christmas. It looked like he had been using it a fair bit. It was muddy and the front wheel looked like it could do with a pump. The thought of a muddy bike made her smile. Right now the mud represented so much more than just, well, mud. He remembered her. Loved her.

Or did, he?
After all it was just a bike.

She was now standing at the door. No.21 it read. She remembered. Looking closely she could see the marks of the time he tried to scratch his name into the door. He struggled. So sweet.

She knocked. Twice. The door slowly opened.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She opened her eyes and took him in.
He was gorgeous. She fell in love with him all over again. He smiled a slightly nervous smile. But she could tell he missed her. He did. He loved her. She loved him.

Her heart broke.

She bent down. Picked him up and held him tight.
So tight.

‘Hello Mummy. Merry Christmas’


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I Say Osei Blog

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Once in a while the world produces something that has all of us staring opened mouthed in amazement.
Once in a while, this thing is something we may have already been aware of and once in a while it’s something very close to home.

The art of knowing, loving and analysing music and it’s components is a skill. A skill that comes to so very few of us yet seems to come so easy to my brother.

Check out his site to experience this phenomenon.

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Knock. God’s House

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Lets cut to the chase.

I know why you’re here.

The troublesome look in your eye as you stepped through the door.

The knock on the door was a dead give away. But yet, you know, still I let you in.

Curiosity I guess, or just plain foolery.

But hey, now you’re here, what do you want?

The last time you were here you f*#ked me up bad.
Left me dying.

I knew your reputation and still do, but yet I still let you in.
I hate that.

Damn I hate that you know me.

I hate that you get me and know how.

You haven’t said a word since you entered.

Oh, it’s time?
Time for what?
Time to get settled; familiar before you start causing trouble.

Don’t get too comfortable there, HE will be home soon.

I may not have the strength alone to deal with you but…


Well shame you can’t stay,

I hear a few doors down HE might not be home.

I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Knock first though…


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Don’t Love Me

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Who are you and where did you come from?

What do you want from me?
I can’t be that.

What do you need from me?
I don’t have any left.

Why me?
There has to be some mistake.

Where do you need to go?
I can’t go with you.

I’m not equipped for that sort of journey.

You can’t…I wont let you.

I need to know where I’m going – don’t worry about it – it’s a control thing.

No, I’m not worried or scared;
Just scarred.

Yes, well, decisions, mistakes and a lot of wishful thinking got me here.

What do you mean you don’t care?
I do.

Let go.

Don’t love me.


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