2 Months

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‘Congratulations, you’re a Dad’, the nurse said with the biggest grin known to man. ‘How do you feel?’
I hesitated, then realising I hesitated, I stuttered, ‘Dunno. I’m… in shock’.

The nurse looked at me. Hard. As though I were the most difficult maths problem she has ever come across. ‘Good shocked?’
‘Yeah, no, good shocked. Definitely good shocked’, I said. ‘I’m a Dad! A Dad! Me!’ I stood up slowly, trying to get my balance. Facing the doors that separated me from my dream: my perfect little family. My beautiful and loving wife, my beautiful baby boy. Well he’s not so much a baby now as he is a 10-year-old miniature version of me, so you can imagine he’s a good-looking boy! And the reason, the sole reason we are all here – and I mean all here: my parents, her parents, my brother 2 sisters, their kids and I think one of my sisters’ new man of the moment – my beautiful new baby girl.

On walking in I can smell the heat and an aroma which I can only describe as medical. I think nothing of the fact that there’s blood on sheets and the midwife is sweating buckets. You see, I couldn’t be in here whilst my wife was going through all that. I tried, believe me, I tried. But the midwife (and my wife who practically chucked me out) thought it best I wait outside. You know, like they used to do back in the day.

I lean down to kiss my wife on the head. She looks up at me in this real sweet but tired way that says, ‘I love you and I love our new baby daughter, but since you’re here now take her from me cos I want to sleep’. I smile, almost having read her mind and lean in to grab my baby girl.

She’s beautiful. Angelic. Sweet scented and so lightweight. She opens her eyes to look up at me. I kiss her on the forehead and kiss her so delicate fingers.

I touch her nose and then.

I open my eyes.


Not again.

Please God, please.

I can’t take this.

Please God not again.

Why then. Just then.

Can’t take it.

Can’t do this.

I start to cry. Sob uncontrollably.

My head hurts from this continuous never-ending nightmare.

I look around. And close my painful eyes.

‘2 more months’, I tell myself.

2 more months and I’ll be out of here.
2 more months and I’ll be free.
2 more months. These bars will no longer hold me.
2 more months and my dream will be a reality.


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