I Sleep On Satin Pillows

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I sleep on satin pillows,
When I dream of you.
Your love is authentic.
Your touch is innocent with wicked passion behind.

I go to you when I’m in a horrible place.
Not knowing that I’ve always felt this way.
You’re tender when you tease; I love your cheeky smile.
You have me laughing at your mischievous ways.

I sleep on satin pillows,
You take me away.
You’re my escape plan.
My secret getaway.

I lay down in your masculine embrace,
And wonder for nothing.
I’m overwhelmed by this strange feeling of peace.
Of security, of acceptance. Of love.

This is what it should feel like.
This is how it should be.

I sleep on satin pillows.
As the sun hits off our skin.
I fall asleep to your voice.
And angels, real angels, hover above.

And now I am your angel.
I am treasured and treated divine.
And I hope I can sleep on satin pillows forever.
With you.


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4 Responses to “I Sleep On Satin Pillows”

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beautiful, as always.
i really like the repetition of “i sleep on satin pillows”. in conjures up a vivid image in my mind. an image of luxury, softness, warmth. just like love.

i find that your poetry is always so honest, so translucent, as if you lay your heart open for us all to see what is inside.

thank you for sharing 😉

Thank you so much for your support! I am so touched.x
I feel like I can express so much more when I write and that inlcudes opening up so much more of myself.

Where in a normal situation i.e face to face, it might prove difficult for me, writing allows me to just say it.

You are spot on as that is the image I wanted to convey. The link between beautiful, heavenly, spiritual love and luxury. I could see myself just resting on the luxuriousness of love and being enveloped by all that it brings.


i also find that writing makes it easier to open up, to describe all those feelings you daren’t say out loud in fear of saying something wrong, of not being able to show what you really mean.

and what i like about this poem is that it shows love in its untainted quality – it doesn’t try to touch upon the hurt and pain it brings along, it concentrates on the beauty within two hearts joining together in the act of mutual understanding.

if only love was that simple, right? 😉

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