At Home In My Head

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At home in my head;
This is where I live.

When the world hurts my core,
This is where I come.

From the harshness of reality,
Here is where I find peace.

From the rude awakening of those around me,
Here is where I hide.

When my heart can no longer take the evils or fight the giants,
I curl up in a ball here.

Right here is where I resort. 

When I can’t run, walk or crawl, 
This is where I am.

Don’t look for me.
Don’t ask of me.
Don’t come to me.
I will not let you in.

When I’m ready;
Strong enough to come outside,
To face you,
To stand up strong,
I’ll slowly show my head.

I’ll be Ok.
I’ll be fine.
I’ll smile again – I always do!

But please, just for now,
Let me go home.



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10 Responses to “At Home In My Head”

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It’s beautiful,Patricia!Your words touch my heart this time!
Thank you!
You remind me of my country where i lived 🙂
I miss it a lot!

Have a special night,my friend!

Thank you Alina. You too! 🙂

My heart goes out to you as it must feel a little sad at times to miss home. I truly believe that where our heart is, that is where we call home and to miss home means you truly love home so take comfort in the fact that you’re always home, even if you’re not physically there.


Thank you,my friend.It’s very nice of you to say this.
You have right!Home is in my heart and i can go everywhere i like to go 🙂

Have a special day! 🙂

so sense making,
home is where one belongs,
there is nowhere else like home,
there are love, homemade food, soft bed, comfortable and private…
very beautiful poem!

Thank you Jingle! xxx

You’re so right about home being comfortable and private – two of the most important parts I think in making anywhere home, be it physical or emotional.


how R u?
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Nice to hear from u,

Beautiful and powerful poem,
let it out
and shout
u will be

Sometimes you just have to pull into self. You’ve captured that well here. I really love the last line…
“But please, just for now,
Let me go home.”

Sometimes, like it or not, they have to let you go home. Sometimes you can pull into self and heal in ways that others can’t help. Peace to you, thanks for sharing this poem I’m sure many who read it can really relate.



Thank you Stephen for your wonderful comments. I so greatly appreciate it.x

You’re right. Sometimes, that visit home can be the most important visit you make – it’s often needed and always a strength gathering experience.

All blessings and love.

Thats cool, you go home. You have captured that sentiment so completely – another really beneficial read! keep serving them out and I’ll keep eating these amazing pieces of work up (with my eyes and ears anyways! LOL)

Awww…. Thank you hun for the support! 🙂

Will keep dishing.


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