Narcissistic You, Narcissistic Me

Posted on March 28, 2010. Filed under: Poetry | Tags: , , , , , |

Backup and give me some room.

Leave me alone for a while,
Just don’t go too far.

I need to breathe.
Just let me breathe.

What is it about me that ‘does it’ for you?
Honestly, I want to know.

Do I make you feel good?
As well as I do.
Pander to you and smile on command?

Do I stroke your ego?
As well as I do.
Tell you you’re great and make you feel special?

Is it that perhaps, you want to be like me?
Always asking me how I came to be.
Wanting to know my next move; my every thought.

Is it that you like my uniqueness?
An amazing sight to you, perhaps.
Tell Me!

Why do you want to walk where I walk?
Talk how I talk,
Think the things I think and feel the way I feel?

When sometimes I don’t want to be me.
Though sometimes. Only sometimes!

Because let’s be honest – I am pretty remarkable.
And don’t I know it!

So now tell me…



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6 Responses to “Narcissistic You, Narcissistic Me”

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love it!! especially “What is it about me that ‘does it’ for you?”
so beautifully blunt! =))


Thank you my dear! 🙂


this reminds me of the affects of envy!! WOW what a picture in your words ..Excellent!!! :0)

Hi Starla,

Thanks so much!


Miss Raw – If you need to be told of your ‘you’ let me begin with this, You write beautiful poems that intrigue.

You seem to be able to put a tiny bit of your spirit into each which fills each piece with an ability to evoke a miriad of emotions.

I enjoyed you yet again, that’s what it feels like when I read your work – that you r sharing lil ‘bits’ of you!

Congratulations on aanother successful pieace.

Si, 🙂

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My life goes into these words, so thank you so much for appreciating them!

It means more than you know.

God bless.


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