Your Box

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I comply not with these rules that are set before me and that drives you mad!

Your understanding of me and mine is limited;
So your judgement holds no real merit!

Your ignorance to the beauty of freedom blinds your vision
And inevitably suffocates you.

You spit out rules and lines and “must-dos” and “No’s”
Though it is you who alone is bound by this system; this regime.

“The greats”, you say, “did it this way.”
I say, “Before them, there were none!”
And after me, there will be many.

Many different, weird and wonderful songs to sing!


Many new and wonderful ways to tell a story, not just by way of your Book of Rules!!!

I thrive off the restricted energy those like you spit,
I refuse to communicate with dead spirits.

I feel not the comments and ills that flow through your soul.
Wanting, wishing only to remove those dark glasses that prevent you from seeing;
Really seeing!

Uniqueness isn’t studied,
Yet delivering it is class.

Because, of all the walls, blockades, bricks and stones put up against freedom to be,
Ignorance is the one that slowly kills the soul of those who harbour it!

So plump up those pillows and get comfortable,
Because it looks like you’ll be in your box for a while!

Dedicated to YOU!! Thanks for the advice WF



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11 Responses to “Your Box”

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this is cool.
makes me think

Thank you.

Just a firm letter to those who criticise and refuse to understand the notion of real art, be it poetry, music, paintings etc.

Well said hun. The strenght of your feelings is shown in every word and on every line.

Feed off the negativity, turn it around and re-energise your creativity 🙂 xxx

Thank you my dear!

I mean, you already know, so… 🙂

Thank you.

This could so be applied to the suffocation one feels when it seems the world will not let the poor soul breath…

Love it!!


Suffocation is the perfect word to describe that feeling!

Thank you 🙂


Interesting thoughts,dear! 🙂
I like the new poem!
You have lot of imagination because you keep surprising me with each poem that you post it!

Happy Easter,dear friend!!

Take care! 😉

Thank you Alina. 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

God bless you!

beautiful as always!

Thank you so much Ji!


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