When The Light Goes Out

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When the light goes out,
All is revealed.

Here in the dark, I see clearly enough.

I see the pain of the day and the thoughts that have plagued me.
I see the problems I could not solve and the dreams of that daylight.
I see the people I let in and those I missed.
I feel my heart slowly rest from the day’s loops and holes.

But, I am still not at peace.

When the light goes out,
All is revealed.

I think about how I used the time God gave me.
A time spent wishing, thinking but not feeling time?
Spent moaning and not appreciating time?
As it ebbed away from me I tried to reach for it.
But was I not concerned enough to use my time to take hold of time?

I can’t sleep for thinking about it

I sit up and to the corner of my eye, I see it.
A candle flicker.

This candle is my hope for tomorrow.
A renewed tomorrow.
It flickers brightly.

And now I am at peace.

And in prayer, I hope it never goes out.

And if it does…?



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12 Responses to “When The Light Goes Out”

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The end of each day gifts us hindsight (for those that can see), and with the hope of tomorrow comes another chance…

Beautifully written hun. xxx

…and only then can we really understand the priveledge of tomorrow.

Thank you hun.xxx


So true…when the light goes out…
I see this as our own selfish thinking…our own ego’s way….when that light goes out then the true light, the candle of the Lord ..Christ within REVEALs ALL!!

Great Post

Exactly! So true!

He lights the way!

Thanks so much.xxx

Nice thoughts,dear friend!! 🙂

Enjoy your week-end! 😉

Thank you my dear!

I hope you had a great weekend!


very beautiful writing…Glad that peace finds you.

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