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To Read You

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Whisper in my ear your sweet tales of yesterday.

Show me your roots and the soil fom which you came.

Tell me of your battles and the scars you were dealt;
Did you win any of these?
Are you still fighting?

Give me a glimpse into your world,
Through your eyes.
I want to know your reality whilst I escape from mine.

Tell me of the people you’ve loved and those you’ve lost.

Tell me of those you hate and remind yourself of those you’ve forgotten.
I want to know.

Show me the real depth of your soul;
Forget all the politeness and brovado and expectations of others.

Show character.
Your character.
Be honest.

Tell me of the times you’ve cried.
Because I know.

Tell me of the times you felt like you couldn’t go on,
And the times you did!

Tell me your dreams and wishes for your life.

Tell me a story,
Your story.

I’m listening.


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And only now I realise that I need You, Time

Time was a blur.

What happened I don’t know.

A continuous monotonous stream of nothingness.

A time spent wishing, thinking but not feeling time.

As it ebbed away from me I tried to reach for it,
But I was not concerned to use my time to take hold of time.

A day not usitilisng, experiencing and moaning of time is pointless.

Time waits for no man, yet wait was all I seemed to do!

I waited for something to happen.
I waited for things to move.
I waited for people to enter and people to leave.
I waited.

I’ve wasted time waiting.

The deceitfulness of time.

The trickery of time.

And now I can’t get it back.

What a waste of time!


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