When The Light Goes Out

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When the light goes out,
All is revealed.

Here in the dark, I see clearly enough.

I see the pain of the day and the thoughts that have plagued me.
I see the problems I could not solve and the dreams of that daylight.
I see the people I let in and those I missed.
I feel my heart slowly rest from the day’s loops and holes.

But, I am still not at peace.

When the light goes out,
All is revealed.

I think about how I used the time God gave me.
A time spent wishing, thinking but not feeling time?
Spent moaning and not appreciating time?
As it ebbed away from me I tried to reach for it.
But was I not concerned enough to use my time to take hold of time?

I can’t sleep for thinking about it

I sit up and to the corner of my eye, I see it.
A candle flicker.

This candle is my hope for tomorrow.
A renewed tomorrow.
It flickers brightly.

And now I am at peace.

And in prayer, I hope it never goes out.

And if it does…?


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Your Box

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I comply not with these rules that are set before me and that drives you mad!

Your understanding of me and mine is limited;
So your judgement holds no real merit!

Your ignorance to the beauty of freedom blinds your vision
And inevitably suffocates you.

You spit out rules and lines and “must-dos” and “No’s”
Though it is you who alone is bound by this system; this regime.

“The greats”, you say, “did it this way.”
I say, “Before them, there were none!”
And after me, there will be many.

Many different, weird and wonderful songs to sing!


Many new and wonderful ways to tell a story, not just by way of your Book of Rules!!!

I thrive off the restricted energy those like you spit,
I refuse to communicate with dead spirits.

I feel not the comments and ills that flow through your soul.
Wanting, wishing only to remove those dark glasses that prevent you from seeing;
Really seeing!

Uniqueness isn’t studied,
Yet delivering it is class.

Because, of all the walls, blockades, bricks and stones put up against freedom to be,
Ignorance is the one that slowly kills the soul of those who harbour it!

So plump up those pillows and get comfortable,
Because it looks like you’ll be in your box for a while!

Dedicated to YOU!! Thanks for the advice WF


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Sun Rise

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I would like to dedicate this poem to the people of Haiti – your strength is inspiring; your faith unshakeable. God bless you.xIn the darkness you see the light.

You are a force,
An unbreakable spirit.

Fully aware of what lies ahead,
You hope with the passion of Angels.
And pray with the souls of saints.

Through the cracks,
Through the rubble,
You see the gate.

You close your eyes,
You pray, sing, smile.
God is with you.

You hear the voices of the other world,
They call to you, yet you do not answer.

You hold loved ones close,
And what is your heart,
This you hold even closer.

In the darkness you see the light.

With the sun,


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If I Had A Penny

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If I had a penny for every time he broke your heart,
I would buy you a new heart.

For every ill spoken word he ever said against you,
I would buy you new and wonderful memories.

For every time you prayed to God for the pain to stop,
I would buy you a church.

For every time you tried to cover those bruises,
I would buy you new skin.

For each time you knew this wouldn’t be the last time,
I would buy you the strength to walk away.

For every time you cried for help,
I would buy you a happy thought to replace.

For every time you convinced yourself it was love,
I would buy you reality.

For every advice you got but turned away from,
I would buy you a new perspective.

If I had a penny for everything you’re going through,
I cry, as I know, it still wouldn’t be enough.


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Vision To BEautiful

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Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future.

I stare at what I think is real to me;
The reality is mangled and tangled within me of what was.

I fear I can’t understand the truth that is set before me.
It’s that fear that paralyzes me.

The fear of not knowing where I stand;
Not knowing where I will be standing.

For if I knew, if I really knew where I was heading,
I would’ve packed. I would have made ready.

But because I don’t know my makers plans,
I prepare only that is myself for this wonderful journey; hold on tight and stare in awe at the view.

Stupidity will rob me if I close my eyes on this ride.
How else will I know where I’m going if I’ve missed the route.

I have to,
I must open my eyes.
No matter how afraid I am.
I smile.

Because the vision of what is to be is a Beautiful one.


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I Sleep On Satin Pillows

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I sleep on satin pillows,
When I dream of you.
Your love is authentic.
Your touch is innocent with wicked passion behind.

I go to you when I’m in a horrible place.
Not knowing that I’ve always felt this way.
You’re tender when you tease; I love your cheeky smile.
You have me laughing at your mischievous ways.

I sleep on satin pillows,
You take me away.
You’re my escape plan.
My secret getaway.

I lay down in your masculine embrace,
And wonder for nothing.
I’m overwhelmed by this strange feeling of peace.
Of security, of acceptance. Of love.

This is what it should feel like.
This is how it should be.

I sleep on satin pillows.
As the sun hits off our skin.
I fall asleep to your voice.
And angels, real angels, hover above.

And now I am your angel.
I am treasured and treated divine.
And I hope I can sleep on satin pillows forever.
With you.


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Knock. God’s House

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Lets cut to the chase.

I know why you’re here.

The troublesome look in your eye as you stepped through the door.

The knock on the door was a dead give away. But yet, you know, still I let you in.

Curiosity I guess, or just plain foolery.

But hey, now you’re here, what do you want?

The last time you were here you f*#ked me up bad.
Left me dying.

I knew your reputation and still do, but yet I still let you in.
I hate that.

Damn I hate that you know me.

I hate that you get me and know how.

You haven’t said a word since you entered.

Oh, it’s time?
Time for what?
Time to get settled; familiar before you start causing trouble.

Don’t get too comfortable there, HE will be home soon.

I may not have the strength alone to deal with you but…


Well shame you can’t stay,

I hear a few doors down HE might not be home.

I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Knock first though…


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