The Greatest Poem

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Happy Valentines! x

I put pen to paper but words escape me.
My thoughts and emotions battle for priority.
My mind drifts as scenes play; I laugh, cry and frown as they do. 
Yet my words refuse to impress upon the paper that lies beneath me.

I’m in awe of you. You should know.
Your words of wisdom have wise men in tantrums.
Your condition of unconditional love is what I know,
In all its unconditional ways.

I have writers’ block of the sweetest kind.
You’re here in my mind;
Here in my heart.
So why can’t I translate this?

I value you. You should know.
My love – you hold its power.
Your soft-spoken tones show their harsh meanings.
You speak the truth and deliver like a dream.
You deserve that throne;
You deserve that pedestal that I put you on.

I put pen to paper but words escape me.

I guess, because it has already been written…

You are the greatest poem!!!


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A Letter to P.A.

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Dear P,

I’ve wanted to write this letter for so long with every intention of giving it to you one day.

But I never did as my heart was filled with all sorts of fears;
Known and unknown.

So I commit myself to writing this to you here in hope one day you may stumble upon it.

You were a great guy.
A man with heart.
A strong and determined character that I admired.

You might laugh because your situation at the time was, somewhat, precarious, but you were inspirational.
I loved talking to you.
Hearing you laugh.
Hearing all the positive things you had to say about life.
About Me.

We clicked like we had known we would for ever.
We told stories of our lives, our hearts and battles and scars.

Yes, there were times when you became overwhelmed by it all. By your life. I could see that,
But in some ways, I turned a blind eye hoping and praying my love was enough.
And at times it was.

I wanted more of you. More from you,
But you were not in such a place to give.
And for this I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for looking but not seeing.
I’m sorry for listening but not hearing.
I’m sorry for wanting and not needing.
I’m sorry for the space I gave you and the times I gave you none.

I didn’t understand the fight, I just saw the fighter.

When I left, I put you to the back of my mind.
The realisation that this was bigger than me became too real.
It was bigger than my hopes or my dreams.

Though, you never left the forefront of my heart.
It is all still so real.
God brought us together;
We tore us apart.

I wanted what I wanted without much thought.

Now you are not totally blameless in all that took place,
So I put my hands up for what I did.
I too was responsible for our fall.

So now I wish you well.

I will always remember you the way you were. I fell in love with a dream.


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The Scariest Word in the World

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I’m scared of the word Yes – sometimes, I am.

Because Yes means, falling and hoping someone else will catch you.

Yes means letting them know you’re breakable.

Yes means giving them some power over your heart.

Yes means telling them what you really feel.

Yes means letting them see the REAL you.

Yes means showing them your crazy side.

Yes means allowing them to make it all better.

Yes means saying No to control!

Yes means crying whilst they hold you.

Ultimately, Yes means letting them love you. 


Yes means I’m not scared of Yes anymore.


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To Tell You The Truth

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It makes so much sense to me;
Which is crazy.

The lies become true,
The fiction becomes reality.
I stumble on the here and now,
And dream about tomorrow.
Holding close to me the fabrication of what isn’t.
If nobody knows then who’s to care?
Who am I really hurting?
Do I care anymore that I’m not who I am?
Do I care that I’m not who I say I am?
Do I care that I’m not who you think I am?
Yet I can’t stop!
Won’t stop.
I’ve worked too hard to get here.
This web I’ve spun is far too sweet.
Why would I stop?
I’m convincing,
So convincing.
Yet I worry you see right through me.
I don’t want to lie to you,
But you like me better this way.

So I pander to your needs,
And create insecurity within me.

But now, I have to be honest with you;
I am not just telling a lie.

Would you believe me if I told you,
I was the lie.


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He is purity in the purest form.
Extravagance runs through him.
Authenticity seeps through his skin.

His skin glistens with golden tones.
Where the sun has always kissed.
Where heaven translates into paradise on this earth.

I can’t help but stare.
I can’t help but have thoughts of him, me; us.
It’s too much to comprehend,
Yet understand; I do.
Understand; I want to.

Is he so unaware of his beauty?
Of his true value?
Of his worth?

He is solid.
How is it that he walks this earth?
Allowed to walk this earth?

Yet, he is humble.
And that’s what does it for me.
He is unknowing of what he carries. Or is he?

My No turns to Yes. Yes!

As I sit in his presence,
It’s apparent that he sees me such as this.
I am not alone in this thought.
As he shows me the wealth I too carry within me.

And then I realise,
It is me who possesses this wonderful power.

I have the Midas touch.

And He is Gold because of Me.


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Me, Myself and Music (In This for Life!)

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In light of the musical talent we’ve lost recently (known and unknown), I feel I have to dedicated this poem to those who gave their lives to giving us music. Thank you. RIP.x

We’re in love, you and I.
I can tell by the way you make me feel.

You encompass every part of me,
Almost knowing, predicting my mood.

You soothe the parts of me that are out of line,
And go to work on my soul like the god that you are.

Alone, we are a force.
Beating, running, jumping, swaying.
You move me beyond recognition.
You move me beyond thought.
You move me.

When you touch me,
The emotion stays with me.
I never forget when.
I never forget where.
Engraved in my memory.

I love that when I’m feeling silly,
You’re silly with me.
When I’m feeling love, you love with me.
When my heart aches,
You understand.

When I hate,
Like a supportive friend,
You hate right along with me.

But not completely submissive;
You’re strong,
You hold yours.
You take control when need be.
Oh yes, you take control.

Pulling me out of the deep,
Bringing me into light.
Damn, you hit hard,
But mean well.

You are slightly twisted though.
Turning a perfect day into living hell.
I cross that love line at this point,
As I do hate that side of you.

Regardless, you’re there.

I need you there.
I want you there.
I love you there.

And no matter where I go,
What I’m doing,
How I’m feeling,
Or who I’m with,
It will always be us.

It will always be You and Me, Music.
I’m in this for life!


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Dream Lover

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He is the sweetest thing in this sour universe,
And my soul reaps the benefits of his care and wisdom.

The time is now and my thoughts drift to tomorrow.
The enchanting sorrow of what was lost now is found.

In the heaving sound of my heart, he knows no bounds;
He plays with me.
Teasing me.

His smile, his eyes;
The smoothest skin – mental foreplay!

This, which withstands all, is what I need and what he gives;
So sane is his manner that this man drives me crazy.

This hazy crazy yet crazy with desire;
And oh that fire!

No matter what.
No matter where.
No matter when.
Should I say that he has my all or should I play it cool?

He stands perfect. 
He is desire.
The want of women yet with my heart in his hands.

He is straight talking and mystery seeps through his skin.
Yet me, he lets in.

He is a pearl.
Perhaps a rough diamond.

Smoothed by the evils of this world that value has not decreased

Contrary to what I may tell him I feel;
What I feel for him is LOVE. 


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