My Smile = My Strength

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In the bad, if I can still smile,
I know I am strong.

In the confusing,
When all I can do is laugh,
I know I have power.

When I smile in the uncertain,
Know that I am not crazy.
It’s just my strength in demonstration.

When the world says I smile too much,
I laugh.
I smile.
Perhaps the world is frightened by my vigour.

As the world around starts to crumble – My world,
It’s my smile that makes me stand firm.

When they say “you can’t surely be happy all the time?”
No, not all the time,
But my smile pulls me through.

Please, never take my kind heart,
Pleasant words or my smile for weakness.

Like still waters that run deep,
And calm volcanoes that rumble and erupt,
My smile hides many things.

But one thing my smile will never hide is my strength.


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He is purity in the purest form.
Extravagance runs through him.
Authenticity seeps through his skin.

His skin glistens with golden tones.
Where the sun has always kissed.
Where heaven translates into paradise on this earth.

I can’t help but stare.
I can’t help but have thoughts of him, me; us.
It’s too much to comprehend,
Yet understand; I do.
Understand; I want to.

Is he so unaware of his beauty?
Of his true value?
Of his worth?

He is solid.
How is it that he walks this earth?
Allowed to walk this earth?

Yet, he is humble.
And that’s what does it for me.
He is unknowing of what he carries. Or is he?

My No turns to Yes. Yes!

As I sit in his presence,
It’s apparent that he sees me such as this.
I am not alone in this thought.
As he shows me the wealth I too carry within me.

And then I realise,
It is me who possesses this wonderful power.

I have the Midas touch.

And He is Gold because of Me.


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